Sunday, September 13, 2009

Feeling my pain is a painful feeling

The artwork is by Zlatko Vassic. He's a fan and contributor to art, artists, artwork.

I had a lot to do this morning so I hope I can remember my dream. Terry Braley is an ex-boyfriend. He tried to kill me with a gun; when it wouldn't fire he hit me over the head with it. Every once in a while the scar tissue from the blow gives me pain in my skull; last night was one of those times.

In my dream I was with Terry and we were at his parents house. Terry had used my credit card for purchasing something and upon finding out how much he charged I realized he caused me to overdraw. He just grinned, didn't care about the trouble it caused me, and told me he had no money. I knew he had gotten money from his dad. I asked his dad if he had given Terry money, explaining that Terry had overdrawn my credit card, and that I was paying for everything to support him and his daughter and that he shouldn't given Terry money, but rather would be more helpful if he'd given me the money. Terry's dad started defending Terry and saying mean things to me.

Upon waking, I thought of Terry's daughter and how she will never know, nor believe, what I went through, what her dad did, and how I felt about her. Her legacy is set in the attitudes of her "Pawpaw" and "MawMaw"...I wonder how she is and what she is doing and what she knows.


  1. Wow, Mona...what a sad & scary memory...that poor girl. For you, though, thankfully Terry is in the past, he can't harm you anymore. What a strong woman you are, moving on from that...

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog Julie. I appreciate4 your emotional support.