Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Liquid Love Story

This is an image of Romeo and Juliette from the cover of an audio book. The song in this post names them often.

Well day-before-yesterday's dream must have been important, because last night I had a dream with the same theme. I woke at 4:00 a.m. too hot to sleep and went back to bed half hour later. When I awoke the Taylor Swift song, Love Story, was going through my head (I listen to some music, but only when I'm in the car.) When I awoke the second time, again the song was blaring in my head, though I didn't remember my dream. When I got in the car to go to the doctor, what do you think was on the radio!?

In my dream I was a student in a classroom. The other students were very ethnic looking and it was like a glee club. Singing was a way of communicating, and it was also a method of transformation from one physical world to another. In the dream I was bored or feeling less good than the other students; I closed my eyes and started humming a deep, resounous tune and began to float away.

I floated to a place where there was water. I went swimming and it was luxurious and sensual and mystical. When I got out of the water my teacher was there. He wasn't a superior, but someone I had a deep emotional connection to. We had sex that wasn't like we were lovers, but it was like sharing a beautiful gift.

I'm still strong, bathing in the waters, being whole and complete, cleansed, floating...or maybe like amniotic fluid, the water represents an environment from which I emerge, reborn. But now I'm really confused by the love song and scene, and the coincidences...or are they? Is someone thinking about me? Sending a message?

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